Randy's Water Service

We provide bulk water for the purpose of filling household cisterns, pools and hot tubs.


Messages are checked at 7 AM on delivery days. Any order received after 7am will be added to the next delivery day.

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19 we are making a few changes to the way we conduct our business. Paper bills will not be left, we will send bills by email for most customers (as required)
Preferred payment method is interac e-transfer however, you can still pay Ken upon delivery if you prefer.
(We can also accept payment by credit card through Wayne's Backhoe)

Ken will not be entering homes or crawlspaces so if your tank is not accessible from the outside, you must have someone to do the interior work. (From now on including post-pandemic)

We are taking measures to disinfect hoses and equipment that anyone comes into contact with as well as every precaution to protect ourselves. We hope that all of our customers will also make efforts to help control the spread of this virus.

We are adjusting our schedule to accommodate the extra time required and 
delivering more days of the week as needed.

Winter  Hours
(Until late April)

Delivery Days: